“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”… Joyce Meyer



We couldn’t agree more with Ms. Meyer.

Please enjoy these articles regarding ways that female athletes can improve their wellness and overall health. Please simply click on the numbered title.


1. Cinnamon Is So Good For Us It Makes Us Smile article, photo By Simon A. Eugster – Own work wikimedia

2. Smoothies: A Delicious Way to Drink Your Nutrition article, wikimedia photo

3. Sports, Girls Suffer Concussions At Much Higher Rate

4. College Students, A Gluten Free Diet Is Possible On Campus article, By DryPot – Own work wikimedia photo credit

5. Student Ahtletes: Learn How to Buy Noni Juice – Secrets Revealed article, photo via Cancer Research Journal

6. Female Athletes, Here Is Why You Might Love Honey article, tookapic photo credit

7. Female Students: 5 Time Management Tips to Calm College Stress article, photo via

8. Mineral Makeup For Your Teen – Keep it Natural & Healthy article, pexels stock photo photo credit

9. Female Students, Relax, Study Says You Can Enjoy Your Chocolate article, pexels stock photo photo credit

10. As Cheer Participation Surges, Report On Injuries And How To Prevent Them article, south-dakota-public-broadcasting photo

11. Academic Consequences of Teen Sleep Deprivation article, wikimedia photo


12. Sports Drinks, Should Teen Girls Be Drinking Them? article, photo

14. Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful High School Girls

fci elite competitor article, photo via

15. Self Defense For Teenage Girls, Important Tips article, pexels stock photo

16. How Participating in Sports Can Help Raise a Girl’s Self-Esteem article, pexels stock photo photo credit

17. Drinking Coffee, Good or Bad? Depends Upon The Expert You Ask article, wikimedia photo

18. Use Yoga To Reduce Stress While Studying For Exams article, wikimedia photo

19. Study Finds Eating Green Apples Help To Keep Muscles Strong article, wikimedia photo

20. Water, The Essential Companion, Overlooked Nutrient article, Wikimedia photo



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